The Political History of Ledzokuku Constituency; 5 realities why Dr. Okoe Boye will lose 2020 Elections

The Political History of Ledzokuku Constituency; 5 realities why Dr. Okoe Boye will lose 2020 Elections
The Political History of Ledzokuku Constituency; 5 realities why Dr. Okoe Boye will lose 2020 Elections

As Ghana draws nearer to December 7 surveys, many are the vulnerabilities and any expectations of officeholder Member of Parliaments (MPs) holding their seats. Indeed, some officeholder MPs lose in the primaries, however the most intriguing thing about governmental issues is that, your success in the primaries doesn't ensure your success in the overall races. 

It took me nearly 4years to come out with the discoveries and actuality subsequent to directing a concentrated exploration on the political scene of the Ledzokuku Constituency (Teshie), and in this article, I will clarify the political history of the Constituency (Teshie), which without a doubt will be the reasons why occupant MP, Dr. Okoe-Boye, will lose in the forthcoming 2020 general races. 

Ledzokuku (Teshie) has been and still is an extremely fascinating supporters since the 1992 decisions. Individuals and inhabitants are extremely self-assured with their political choices and endure straightforward. At the point when they say they are finished with you, nothing can persuade them again to decide in favor of you. 

The most intriguing part is that, since the start of decisions from 1992, all MPs who had the chance to lead the voting public served for just ONE TERM. Indeed, one-term Ledzokuku Constituency strategy has been the focal point of the political scene, regardless of what your identity is. I realize you are going through your brain to check whether it's actual. Try not to stress, I will take you through every one of the decisions held to demonstrate my disclosures. Simply keep perusing this article with a casual conviction and brain. 

Okay how about we start. Since the introduction of the fourth Republican constitution, Ledzokuku voting demographic in the Greater Accra locale has had something reasonable of the capriciousness of parliamentary decisions in certain voting public. Up until this point, the voting public has had five MPs. Two of which are females and the rest guys. 

Curiously, all have delighted in one term in office except for the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan who had two terms. Hence from 1992-1996 and 1996-2000. So far throughout the entire existence of parliamentary races in the electorate, nobody has had the option to break that record. Indeed, even in death, the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan holds that title to his chest. 

One may ask, yet at any rate somebody has won two terms previously, so for what reason am I saying there is none? Indeed, the late Nii Adjei Boye Sekan had two terms on the grounds that NPP boycotted the 1992 decisions. Presently you know why. So he challenged unopposed in the 1992 decisions and won. I'm exceptionally sure if the NPP had challenged the races, the outcomes may be unique. 

Presently we should investigate this table first prior to continuing. 

Table 1 


How about we do little pattern examination on Table 1 here for us to comprehend the mix-up submitted by NPP. In 1992, NPP boycotted the decisions so Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan won unopposed. Actually, I didn't consider that to be as an overall political race. One individual challenging, clearly will win. So the principle races in the Ledzokuku voting demographic began in 1996, where Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan presently has a competitor. Nii won in the NDC Primaries and furthermore won the overall races. 

Presently in 2000, NDC kept up Nii through the primaries, however tragically for him, civility of ONE-TERM strategy in the personalities of individuals, Ledzokuku picked NPP's Eddie Akita. So in 2000, Eddie Akita won the NPP Primaries and the Parliamentary decisions in the voting demographic. In 2004, NPP transformed him through the primaries and acquired Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey, who likewise won the 2004 parliamentary decisions. 

This change truly assisted the NPP with holding the parliamentary seat in the body electorate. Presently in 2008, Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey went unopposed in the NPP primaries. Sadly for NPP, she lost in the overall decisions. I'm exceptionally certain NPP might have won in the event that they had changed their competitor in the primaries and presented another face. 

You know why, on the grounds that the Akan populace in the electorate expanded colossally during the 2000s empowering the gathering to win the seat interestingly with Akita and Dr. Gladys Norley Ashitey as the competitors. 

In 2008, the Akan populace got drained and required another face yet NPP actually looked after Mrs. Ashitey and they lost. The greater part of the Akan in the voting public needed to move their votes to the places where they grew up. The individuals who didn't move their votes, decided in favor of the official up-and-comer and disregarded the parliamentary one. The official up-and-comer had 31,603 votes as against 30,622. In the event that you compare this to the 2004 outcomes you will see the value in the fact of the matter I'm making. 

In 2008, the one who was chosen to lead the voting public was NDC Nii Nortey Duah, he additionally was chosen through the primaries and he won the overall decisions. He was another face for the voting demographic. Presently in 2012, NDC body electorate individuals comprehended the round of progress, and they keenly changed Nii Nortey Duah with Benita Sena Okity-Duah. Another face. This brought about the NDC holding the seat, since, in such a case that they had challenged with a similar competitor, Nii Nortey Duah, NPP might have won the decisions. Teshie just sees New Faces and effectively gets drained with old countenances. I will clarify the explanation they effectively become weary of old appearances in the ensuing passages so continue onward, don't get drained. 

So Benita Sena Okity-Duah, as another face for the NDC, won the overall decisions in 2012. In 2016, I don't have the foggiest idea what befallen the NDC Think Tanks in the voting demographic, and they kept up Sena through their primaries. Couldn't actually say whether it was neglect or purposeful, on the grounds that Teshie doesn't care for old appearances and it resembles a custom. NPP got their cards well and played the change game, by presenting another face, Dr Bernard Okoe Boye. He crushed Sena in the 2016 races undoubtedly. 

Adequately entertaining, in 2020, NPP has likewise dedicated a similar misstep as NDC did, by looking after Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye through the primaries. Truth be told, he even won the primaries unopposed in the electorate, and I was shocked in light of the fact that I saw the banners of like three (3) different competitors beside Dr. Okoe Boye, who were challenging in the primaries. Like Vida Tawiah, Stephen Quaye and one man, however surprisingly, I didn't see them on the primaries voting form papers. Afterward, I heard they were totally excluded. 

I'm certain the gathering chiefs needed Dr. Okoe Boye to go unopposed, and that is the greatest mix-up of the NPP in the Ledzokuku Constituency. Table 1 says everything. In the event that you don't actually get the bounty English I have composed, recently return to Table 1, you will comprehend. Dr. Okoe Boye is an old face and you know how Teshie treats old faces right? Try not to stress, if this isn't sufficient to persuade you, continue to peruse, you will see hard realities about Teshie you can never challenge, aside the New Face-Old face contention. 

All things considered, for this present year 2020, NDC has presented another face. In the primaries, Sena Okity-Duah challenged once more, however this time NDC said, no, Teshie doesn't care for old faces, we should go with another face. The NDC has chosen Mr. Ben Ayiku to address them and I should let it out's a strong decision. On the off chance that Sena had won the primaries, things would be a lot simpler for Dr. Okoe Boye, on the grounds that it will be two old appearances, however that wasn't the situation. An old face and another face now. 

All things considered, beside being another face, Mr Ayiku is an exceptionally clever respectable man with heaps of interests in the voting demographic. He has given work to some of the young in the country. One thing I for one appreciate about him is the way that he utilizes them paying little mind to their political connection. A companion of dig who worked for him was accounted for to him just like a KUKRUDIST however he never terminated him. For the time being, I can certainly say he has the help of most of the young per the connections I've had up until this point. It won't be simple for Dr. Okoe Boye, on the grounds that Mr Ayiku is a significant burden in the supporters. 

All things considered, Table 1 portrays a great deal of what may occur on December 7, 2020 general races. I know at this point, you will say it doesn't make any difference, since it relies upon the exhibition of the MPs. Allow me momentarily to take you through every one of the MPs exhibitions prior to making inferences, and you will understand that, in Ledzokuku electorate, execution doesn't make any difference. 

Adjei-Boye Sekan, NDC (1992-1996 and 1996-2000) 

Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan challenged on the ticket of the NDC from 1992 to 2000. Two terms. As I prior clarified, he won twice in light of the fact that the NPP boycotted one of the decisions, which is 1992. 

It was through the late MP, Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan that the site, which as of now houses the greatest medical clinic in Teshie, LEKMA emergency clinic, which was built by the NDC government, was procured. At first, when Adjei-Boye took the land, he developed a school on it, yet later educated individuals regarding the NDC party that his fundamental aim was to utilize the land to build a clinic, which really appeared, graciousness President Atta Mills. 

Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan served in different limits as a Member of the National Investigation Timber Sub-Committee under the past Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC). He was the main Regional Party Secretary for the Greater Accra Region and the MP for Ledzokuku Constituency for two terms. Likewise, the late Nii Sekan was an official staff member for the Rawlings government. Indeed, this is only a couple of the things he did, yet he actually lost in the 2000 decisions. The late Reginald Nii Adjei-Boye Sekan kicked the bucket at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital on August 6, 2006, at 47 years old. 

Eddie Akita, NPP (2000 to 2004) 

Eddie Akita was a government official and an individual from the third Parliament of the fourth Republic of Ghana. He was likewise a previous individual from Parliament for Ledzokuku supporters of the Greater Accra Region. Akita once filled in as Deputy Minister of Defense just as a Minister of state responsible for fisheries in Ghana. 

Akita hails from Ledzokuku in the more noteworthy Accra Region of Ghana. Notwithstanding every one of the clerical arrangements he served for just one term in office. He