The next way forward for Ghana

The next way forward for Ghana
The next way forward for Ghana

Half a month prior, Ghana noticed its 64th political autonomy commemoration, and 10 days before that, it likewise noticed the 55th commemoration of the topple of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his Convention People's Party (CPP) from power. 

I'm not mindful of the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) position on festival of their fruitful "expulsion of Kwame Nkrumah from power on 24 February 1966", and festivity of Ghana's 64th autonomy commemoration on 6 March 1957. In reality, on the two events, the NPP assumed impossible parts: 

a. having affected the oust of Nkrumah and 

b. being passionately against Ghana's accomplishment of freedom as they told the British Colonial government that we individuals of the Gold Coast (presently Ghana) were not yet prepared for autonomy. 

They boycotted our autonomy festivities and their top chiefs, Mr. J.B. Danquah, Dr. K.A. Busia and Mr. S.D. Dombo avoided Accra Polo Grounds on 6 March 1957, to partake in the festivals though unfamiliar dignitaries, including Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Mr. Andrew Young, Mr. George Padmore, Mr. William F. Du Bois from the United States of America, and different nations were in Ghana to participate in our milestone festivities. What a noteworthy second the NPP passed up due to disdain for Nkrumah and the Convention People's Party (CPP). 

Thinking back on 6 March,1957, the NPP should be contrite for not partaking in our freedom festivities, remembering that they never concurred for us to be conceded autonomy in any case. All things considered, the British Colonialists were absent to regarding the Bond of 1844 when they concurred with Fante Confederacy's bosses from the Central Region to leave the Gold Coast in 100 (one hundred) a long's time, on or by 6 March 1944. The Colonialists waited until Nkrumah got back to the Gold Coast in 1947, by which time, they had outstayed their visas by 3 years. This angered Nkrumah who was tenacious on the British consummation their pioneer rule of our country so we could deal with our own issues. The United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) pioneers, notwithstanding, figured we should give our pilgrim aces more opportunity to administer us, however Nkrumah would not accepting that. This contention prompted crumbling of the UGCC, and following divisions brought about the arrangement of other ideological groups, including the Convention People's Party (CPP) in 1949. 


It should be clarified that NPP, at that point known as United Party, started the military takeover of Nkrumah's system. Dr. K.A. Busia, the then head of United Party (presently New Patriotic Party, NPP) went into oust in 1959. From that point on, and all through 1960s, the resistance United Party was effectively occupied with bomb-tossing and death endeavors on the existence of Kwame Nkrumah until ultimately, there was the military rebellion that would at last eliminate Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and his Convention People's Party (CPP) from power on 24 February 1966. 

The discussion of CIA and MI5 accordingly, being liable for toppling Nkrumah is all discernible babble since we didn't see powers from the CIA and MI5 in the city of Accra, battling close by Ghanaian officers to oust Nkrumah and his administration. It was a gathering of Ghanaian officers, later to be known as the National Liberation Council (NLC), drove by Col. Kotoka and Major Afrifa who did exactly that. Be that as it may, if Dr. Busia looked for help and backing from the CIA and the MI5 that would not be questioned. From 24-27 February 1966, there was wild battling at the Flagstaff House, both in the passage and on the ground until the furious weapon shoot died down, finishing in general passings of many individuals. I heard all the firearm hints of the shots since I lived in a real sense inverse the Broadcasting house which is the patio of the Flagstaff house. Unfortunately, the devoted dead who battled unendingly were Nkrumah's safety officers, comprised of Ghanaians, Russians, and Chinese work force at the Flagstaff House. Others were arranged inverse the Flagstaff House, before the Organization for African Unity (OAU) plinth and severally shot to death by the NLC fighters, driven by Col. Afrifa. 

Did that act by the overthrow producers have a similarity on Rawlings' Armed Forces Revolutionary Council's (AFRC) terminating crew end of the military officers, including the at that point General Akwasi Amankwah Afrifa himself in September 1979, 13 years down the line? The appropriate response, old buddy, was blowing in the breeze at that point. May the reliable dead keep on finding happiness in the hereafter as we actually recollect them. 

Furthermore, it happened that when Dr. Busia got back from oust in March 1966, the NLC drew in him as the Chairman of the National Advisory Committee. Busia was presently the top regular citizen counselor to the military system of NLC and indeed the true President of Ghana. Quick forward to the September 1969 general decisions, Dr. Busia and his gathering, The Progress Party (once United Party) won the decisions as one would anticipate. On 13 January 1972, Col. Acheampong and National Redemption Council (NRC) eliminated Busia and his administration from power for terrible showing. 

Since the topple of Nkrumah 55 years prior, and around eleven governments back, none of those legislatures have coordinated with Nkrumah's accomplishments. This is the best predicament confronting us as a country. All that we have gotten acclimated with is a plenty of undelivered Manifesto guarantees by the 2 (two) primary ideological groups viz. Public Democratic Congress (NDC) and NPP. 

Of late, we expected to have had rail route train administration working from Takoradi, down south to Paga in the northern Ghana; not conveyed. One region One Factory; not finished. Missing earthmovers not found. The constructions worked by Nkrumah have to a great extent crumbled, we have not kept up, adjusted nor improved them, though our partners in Malaysia and Singapore are flooding ahead from greatness into magnificence. 

We are presently doing combating with helpless streets making mishaps murdering our kin, and unlawful mining (galamsey) that is obliterating our territories (counting cocoa ranches) and our water bodies should be stood up to by our momentum managers head-on to stop the hazard. What is halting our administration to act against the galamsey is the way that others in high positions are engaged with galamsey themselves. I encourage good deduction Ghanaians to concede that, had the NPP proceeded with Nkrumah's formative cycle, kept up, and enhanced the constructions Nkrumah set up Ghana would have gone on contrasted with its present wretched circumstance that is a consistent update that that we are edging towards a bombed state. For, if following 64 years of autonomy we are confronted with genuine difficulties like joblessness, degraded destitution, colonization of individuals by our own Ghanaian legislators, absence of appropriate clinical consideration for the populace, our administration authorities The ate President Atta Mills, Vice-President Dr. Bawumiah and Finance Minister Mr Ofori Atta having required unfamiliar further and better clinical consideration not present in Gnana, to specify a couple of our difficulties, including galamsey that is annihilating our farmlands and water bodies then we are going towards obscure regions to be exact. Without a doubt, there are a bigger number of inquiries than answers. 

Since the topple of Kwame Nkrumah, there has not been any sound substitution for him to date on the grounds that Dr Busia, who was relied upon to supplant Nkrumah ended up being too frail to even think about venturing into Nkrumah's perspective and flopped big an ideal opportunity to bode well out of the establishments his archetype Nkrumah set up. Indeed, and I will utilize a saying in the Akan language, along these lines, "Odupon Etutu Ma Edufuakye Abeye Ogya". This interprets as, "an oak tree has been evacuated, just to be supplanted with a pawpaw tree". The oak tree is compared to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the pawpaw tree likewise compared to Dr. K A. Busia. 

Ghana was creating at a sensibly high speed, however Nkrumah's topple carried the advancements to a halt. From the accompanying rundown of Nkrumah's accomplishments inside 9 years of autonomy, Ghana would have accomplished wonderful monetary development yet for political convenience of resistance NPP. Coming up next are bits of Nkrumah's technique planned to accomplish mechanical advancement in Ghana: 

Training SECTOR 

Auxiliary Schools (presently Senior High Schools) 

Under the Ghana Education Trust strategy, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah fabricated a few Secondary Schools including: 

• Apam Secondary School 

• Dormaa Secondary School 

• Ghana National College 

• Half Assini Secondary School 

• Labone Secondary School 

• Mfantsiman Secondary School 

• Nsien Secondary School-Axim 

• Oda Secondary School 

• Ofori Panyin Secondary School 

• Swedru Secondary School 

• Tarkwa Secondary School 

• Techiman Secondary School 

• Tema Secondary School 

• Winneba Secondary School 


• Atebubu Training College 

• Berekum Training College 

• Enchi Training College 

• Fosu Training College 

• Kwadaso College of Education and that's only the tip of the iceberg! 


• Accra Polytechnic (presently Accra Technical University) 

• Ajumako School of Languages (presently under UEW) 

• Institute of African Studies 

• Kumasi Technical Institute (presently University) 

• Kwame Nkrumah Institute of Economics and Political Science (presently south grounds of UEW) 

• Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) 

• University of Cape Coast (UCC) 

• University of Ghana (at that point University College of Gold Coast partnered to college of London); Nkrumah overhauled this into an undeniable college to grant its own degrees and turned into their first chancellor, among others. 


• Free training for essential and center schools (JHS) to guarantee that each offspring of young had instruction in Ghana. 

Wellbeing SECTOR 

• Built a few emergency clinics and Poly Clinics.