National Chief Imam: Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu Turns 102 Years Old Today – Here’s His Biography Facts

National Chief Imam: Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu Turns 102 Years Old Today – Here’s His Biography Facts
National Chief Imam: Sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharabutu Turns 102 Years Old Today – Here’s His Biography Facts

The National Chief Imam, Sheik Osman Nuhu Sharubutu has turned 102 years of age today (Friday, April 23, 2021). 

Dissimilar to his 100th birthday festivity a year ago, his 102 birthday festivities have been calm. 

It will be reviewed that the Chief Imam joined a mass assistance at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Accra to stamp his 100th birthday celebration commemoration a year ago. 

The move was an extraordinary exertion towards building strict resistance and concurrence in the country. 

On their Facebook dividers, both President Akufo-Addo and previous President John Mahama requested great wellbeing, intelligence and long life for the National Chief Imam. 

Who is Sheik Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu 

Sheik Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu was brought into the world at Accra cow-path in April 1919 by respectable guardians from an all around refined and learned House. 

His dad, Sheik Imam Nuhu Sharubutu was the Imam-Raatib (normal or private Imam) of the Accra Central Mosque in the last part of the 1960s to 1982 when he demised. 

His mom, Hajja Ayishatu Abbass famously known as Mma Tasidi, may her spirit find happiness in the hereafter and wonderful delight, additionally contributed massively to the good and mental advancement of her child by guaranteeing that he had the appropriate home childhood to go side with Islamic Education. 

His mom was the sister of the Greater Accra Regional Imam who likewise rose to be known as the National Imam (from late 1933 to 1960), Sheik Imam Muhammed Abbas prevalently known as Mallam Muhammad Mazawaje. 

Meeting Alhaji Sheik Ibrahima Niass Qutbu Zaman 

Mallam Osmanu proceeded with research on Sufism, by regularly committing his relaxation time in mosques to tune in to the evangelists of the Tijjaniyya development and Sufism. 

At the point when his maternal uncle Sheik Imam Alhadji Mohammed Abbas Mazawaje, who was the Accra Chief Imam saw the commitment, interest and handwork in Osmanu he presented the Tijjaniya Movement's Special Meditation to him, which he promptly embraced. 

He sought after the Tijjaniya Meditation till the appearance of the terrific pioneer of the development, the light carrier and preeminent authority of the Tijjaniya of the twentieth century, Grand Sheik Alhadji Ibrahim Nyass from Kaolack in Sénégal. 

Sheik Ibrahim Niass showed Mallam Osmanu the more profound otherworldly part of Sufism and fundamentals of mystery and eserotics which easily prepared for Mallam Osmanu to turn into a genuinely pioneer in the Tijjaniya Movement in Ghana. 

His arrangement as National Chief Imam 

Curiously in 1974, after long conversations among the conventional and clan leaders, scholastics, Islamic researchers, and strict characters, an agreement was gone after Sheik Osmanu to be named as the Deputy Regional Chief Imam of Ghana, delegating his cousin, Sheik Imam Muhammed Mukhtar Abbas who succeeded his dad. 

The arrangement of Sheik Osmanu as agent Greater Accra Region Chief Imam was done with regards to the exceptional characteristics, Intellectual limit, commitment to educating and energy for Islam and model way of life in him, however he turned down their offer which was constrained on him by the Prominent Muslim Chiefs who constantly requested that he give it a genuine idea pushing to him that it very well may be a heavenly call to serve God. 

Hence when it unfolded on Sheik Osmanu that it was a heavenly call for him to serve Islam and Muslim people group, he at long last acknowledged the situation as the acting Greater Accra Regional Chief Imam until 1993, when he was ceremoniously selected as the National Chief Imam of Ghana to head the Ghanaian Muslim Communities. 

His Islamic exercises 

Sheik Osmanu was notable for his model way of life and liberality to individuals who approached him with their own issues. He has constructed numerous Arabic Schools, Islamic Centers and Mosques. 

Regularly he goes through colossal totals cash in Organizing gatherings, workshops and symposia on prickly Islamic issues winning in the Islamic social orders and the country all in all. 

From the sums given on him Sheik Osmanu merits the honor given him by the University of Ghana who gave on him a privileged Doctorate Degree. 

He merits a greater amount of that from any Islamic University or Higher Institution of learning; likewise he truly merits the award of an extraordinary Muslim pioneer because of his massive commitment and love for keeping up harmony and advancement in Ghana. 

He is additionally adding to the restoration of good qualities and change in the Muslim youth, Islamic confidence and the Moslem people group. 

Sheik Osmanu likewise showed Islamic researchers and Sheikhs. 

Among his understudy are Muhammad Munir Dan Alpha who is presently assigning him and surprisingly driving public islamic petitions for his teacher(Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu), Sheik Ustaz Abdul Aziz, Sheik Yahyal-Ameen, Mallam Adam Attah (late), Mallam Saeed, Alhaji Jibril Madaha, Mallam Ibrahima Nyass, Mallam Mustapha Yaa Jalala, Mallam Habibu Gora, Sheik Musa Abdul Kadir (late) and Mallam Zurkanain, to specify only a couple. 

To summarize, Sheik Osmanu positions 

high among the savvy and noticeable Islamic Scholars Ghana has at any point delivered, among his peers are sheik Kamâludeen who was picked straightforwardly by Sheik Osmanu to fill in as his Deputy National Chief Imam of Ghana and the late Sheik Alhadji Haroun Rasheed. 

Sheik Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu is the Grand Khalipha of Sheik Ibrahim Niass from 1972 to date, a title that he actually considers and appreciates more-than the National Chief Imamship position. 

Lately, to peak his energy for training, smooth and common interfaith relations and tranquil conjunction, harmony building and solidarity, he established two associations that are making incredible checks and affecting positive changes in the existences of Ghanaians and the World by and large. 


The achievements of Sheik Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu initially; 

The foundation of the Office of the National Chief Imam of Ghana in 1992 

Designed the acknowledgment and sign of two (2) public occasions for Muslims in the authority schedule of the Republic of Ghana 

Foundation of seven Islamic schools; the Answaru-Deen Islamic School Complex, in the Greater Accra area 

Self - prepared, instructed, supported and enabled more than 50 very much focused and encouraged understudies in Islamic examinations and they have become power to figure in the Muslim people group in Ghana who have dominated in the field of Islamic information and statute 

By and by advanced Islamic schooling and energized the foundation of an extraordinary arrangement of training in Ghana, the marriage of conventional Islamic establishments and common instruction to advance the obtaining of both. 

Actually advanced and supported shared agreement, discourse and quiet concurrence between religions (Interfaith relations) and intra strict accept (organizations). 

Self-supported (monetarily) many understudies to achieve round instruction in Ghana and abroad. 

The foundation of an instructive Trust Fund to help splendid yet penniless understudies; the Sheik Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund (SONSETFUND) 

The foundation of an association that advances harmony, solidarity and maintainable harmony in Ghana and abroad; the Islamic Peace and Security Council of Ghana (IPASEC) 

The foundation of a shelter to care for the instruction and government assistance of destitute Muslim children in Ghana; the Nuuru Usmaniya Foundation for Humanitarian Services and Development (NUSMA 

The foundation of a five star instructive complex in Kasoa, Central Region; Sheik Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Educational Complex 

Designed the fascination of the agent organis­­­ation (Hunan Development International Foundation-HUDAI from Turkey) on the progressing development of the National Mosque at Kawo Kudi, Kanda, Accra. 

By and by directed more than 5000 relationships in Ghana alone 

Driven burial service petitions on more than 4000 Muslims in Ghana 

By and by administered over the naming functions of more than 10,000 Muslim youngsters. 

He was adorned with distinction by the chief country's college, the University of Ghana, Legon in 2006 with doctorate certificate for his works in humanities, instructing, affecting information and serene exercises. 

A few other nearby and unfamiliar colleges granted him with doctorate certificates. 

Approaching Foreign Personalities 

Sheik Alhaji Ahmed Tijjani Ibrahim Niass, Grand Khalipha of Sheik Alhaji Ibrahim Niass in Madina Kaolakh, Senegal 

Sheik Usman Thahiru Bauchi, Prominent Islamic Cleric in Nigeria 

Sheik Imam Tijjani Cise, Imam of the Grand Mosque of Sheik Alhaji Ibrahim Niass in Madina Kaolakh, Senegal 

Sheik Alhaji Mudassiru Adeleke Shitu Bulala, the Chairman of Al-Kanz magazine in Nigeria and CEO of global gathering of organizations in Ajay, Lagos 

Sheik Hisham Kabani Haqqani, President of the Islamic Supreme Council of America and World Wide Deputy Leader of the Naqshabandiya Sufi request 

Clergyman Louis Farakan, Leader of the Nations of Islam in America 

Clergyman of the Religion, Dr. Khalid Yasin from the United States of America 

Sheik Imam Hassan Cise, Imam of the Grand Mosque of Sheik Alhaji Ibrahim Niass in Madina Kaolakh, Senegal 

Amusingly, all the above dignitaries returned to the National Chief Imam a few times on their very own agreement by virtue of his administration and friendliness. 

Youthful Osmanu began his schooling at home from his dad during the day and with his mom around evening time. 

It was broadly detailed and affirmed by Sheik Osmanu himself that his mom was given to the dad by his uncle, the late Imam Abbas Mazawaje who found in his dad serious level of dread of Allah and characteristics of authority. 

Sheik Nuhu Sharubutu, the dad of youthful Osmanu was a noticeable understudy of Sheik Imam Abbas Mazawaje and turned into an individual from the House. 

Youthful Osmanu grew up to be a really Islamic Model and a Unique Islamic heavyweight in information and insight deserving of imitating.