"Let’s rise up and build Ghana together" - musician Cash Bee to Ghanaians

WWW.HYPERNATTY.COM One of the most consistent uprising musicians in Ghana CashBee has urged Ghanaians to come together and build Ghana to make it a better place for all. In his interview with NB RADIO-USA, he hinted them on his yet to release single dubbed “The System” which expatiates what he said. CashBee, The System, Ghana, Build, Natty Bee, Hypernatty, Government, Bad governance, Musiga

"Let’s rise up and build Ghana together" - musician Cash Bee to Ghanaians

The highly sensentional musician CashBee  has urged Ghanaians to join the government in fixing the challenges facing the country together.

In an interview with NB RADIO, used based online station, the musician indicated that we should use social media to express our grievances but also put the country first and help build because the system is hard.

The musician has largely mentioned the country’s inadequate or non-existing amenities, deplorable infrastructure, poor sanitary conditions, housing deficit accompanied by exorbitant rent, general high cost of living, and high levels of unemployment with its attendant problems.

CashBee who is coming out with a banger dubbed "The System", outlining the rationale behind his song, he said Ghana must rise up and fix the country together, because none others will do for us.

He urged Ghanaian youth to desist from just lambasting the leaders but rather assist the government in fixing the mess in the country.

He further stressed that he will always use his music to propel the future of Ghana devoid of any political affiliation. Follow CashBee on all social media platforms for new releases and updates. 

#Story written by Lawrence Odoom.