Is this guy, Rao, obsessed with Kojo ANTWI?

HYPERNATTY.COM The new sensation "faky3" singer and songwriter RAO who released his newest single called "FAKY3" (forgive) .This guys seems to have kojo ANTWI all over his mind and regards him as father in his music. Well, many get their inspiration from other sources Known and unknown but he says his from God and Kojo ANTWI. Hypernatty,NattyBee,NB records, Kojo Antwi, RAO, music,highlife, Africa, Ghana,Beats, Faky3, forgive, stm,live band, awards

Is this guy, Rao, obsessed with Kojo ANTWI?



Rumours has it that the new sensational and dynamic singer ,RAO, has been obsessed with kojo ANTWI.

It is easy to tell,sometimes the inspiration that pivots a particular art and drives it.RAO, in his interview lately disclosed he never stopped listening to the legend kojo ANTWI. He sings at church and all but kojo ANTWI, Kwabena kwabena and the likes have been his main melody and inspiration even though he revealed the industry has great talents.

"Highlife is the music for Africa (Ghana to be precise) and we are what we prodyce"RAO said. It's about time we go back to take our craft in its originality and make it blossom again. Globalization gradually is taken the genuity of highlife music and rhythm away which shouldn't be so.  Is RAO ready to battle it out in the industry?? Let's see what becomes of this sensational singer..Download his trending classic sing in the link for your genuine perusal and enjoyment.

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