FULL TEXT: Akufo-Addo’s 17th address to the nation on measures to fight coronavirus

FULL TEXT: Akufo-Addo’s 17th address to the nation on measures to fight coronavirus

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo during his seventeenth location to the country reported that until December 14, the wearing of face covers stays obligatory the nation over.

The choice, he noted is to keep up the steady decrease that has been seen in the quantity of dynamic Coronavirus cases being recorded.

“On Monday fourteenth September, I broadened my Executive Instrument, the obligatory wearing of face covers by an additional three months. So until fourteenth December 2020, the wearing on veils stay compulsory.”

“It is the new standard of our reality until the infection vanishes,” he stated, Sunday.

Akufo-Addo reported further that homegrown serious football will continue on Friday, October 30.

“Concerning football, after due counsels with the Ghana Football Association, it has been concluded that the Ghana Premier League and the Division One Football League will restart on Friday, 30th October, 2020 with a full system of testing of the players, specialized and the board staff,” President Akufo-Addo said.

He proceeded: “No onlookers will be permitted at the instructional hubs, and, when genuine rivalry resumes, seating at all stadia will be restricted to 25 percent (25%) ability to guarantee social removing.”

Peruse beneath the President’s full location.

Individual Ghanaians, goodbye.

This is the (seventeenth) time that you are benevolently making the ways for your homes to me to empower me brief you about the issue of COVID-19, the means being taken by Government to kill it, and the measures being executed to ease logically and securely the limitations set up to overcome the infection.

We, in Ghana, have absolutely progressed significantly, and have gained critical ground in battling the ailment. The anxiety, dread and frenzy showed by many, particularly when the initial two (2) cases were recorded on our shores, have been supplanted, lately, by a developing feeling of hopefulness and recharged trust that we are headed to winning the fight against the pandemic. The improvement in the circumstance is all gratitude to the viability of the measures set up by Government, the co-activity and backing of you, the Ghanaian public, and, assuredly, by the beauty of Almighty God.

In any case, I appeal to all of you to keep on stepping on the way built by Government, and follow strictly all the social removing, veil wearing and upgraded cleanliness conventions. They are and will remain our weapons in this battle against the infection. In a similar way, we need to make sure to keep improving our wellness by practicing and eating admirably, disparaging our solid Ghanaian nourishments, which will support our insusceptibility to illness, and help us in the battle against the pandemic.

At the point when I conveyed Update No. 16, precisely three weeks prior, the quantity of recorded dynamic cases, that is people with the infection, remained at 1,000, 800 and 47 (1,847). This number, as at Friday, eighteenth September 2020, has decreased impressively to 500 and seven (507) people.

There are, presently, a few locales in the nation without dynamic cases. More noteworthy Accra, Eastern, Ashanti and Central Regions represent exactly (80%) of the dynamic cases. As at Friday, eighteenth September 2020, the complete number of tests led is 400 and 70,000, 700 and thirty (470,730).

Up until now, a sum of 45 thousand, 200 and 58 (45,258) people have recuperated, and 200 and 97 (297) people, an incredible lion’s share of them with basic ailments, for example, hypertension, diabetes, interminable liver sickness and asthma, have tragically passed on.

Despite these empowering measurements, I know there are numerous who are asking why I have not declared a total re-visitation of regularity in all parts of public life, since they accept the figures propose we have switched things around in the battle against the infection.

Indeed, our demise rate keeps on being low, and our emergency clinics have, benevolently, not been overpowered, as there seem to be, directly, just twenty (20) serious and basic cases. Surely, there are a ton of void beds in our treatment habitats, and the disconnection places have for all intents and purposes no patients under consideration.

In any case, honestly: we can’t manage, at this crucial point in time, to laugh in the face of any potential risk, and wreck the staggering measure of work embraced by Government, wellbeing authorities, gallant forefront wellbeing laborers, and individuals from the security organizations, in presenting to us this far.

Presently like never before, we should be much more focused in our adherence to individual cleanliness, cover wearing, and social removing measures that have become part of our every day schedules. That is the best approach to wipe out the infection out and out. The involvement with different pieces of the world give us that the infection can get back furiously, when you let your watchman down.

Individual Ghanaians, in my last location, I reported the resuming of our worldwide air terminal, Kotoka International Airport, flagging our steady reintegration with the remainder of the world. Sixteen (16) out of the (23) aircrafts that worked in Kotoka before its conclusion have, once more, initiated trips to and from Accra.

As at yesterday, Saturday, nineteenth September, a sum of 10,000 and 61 (10,061) travelers have been tried at Kotoka. Notwithstanding the necessity that all travelers must be in control of a negative PCR test result upon their appearance in Ghana, a test which ought to have been directed not more than (72) hours before the planned takeoff from the nation of birthplace, an aggregate of (26) positive cases have been recorded from the tests at KIA.

Let us take a breather and envision what might have occurred if these (26) positives had not been distinguished, and had been permitted to blend with the populace. Despite the fact that the expense of 100 and fifty United States dollars (US$150) per traveler, for the required air terminal COVID test, has been condemned in specific quarters, the estimation of the test in its speed, exactness, and reserve funds for travelers, who no longer need to manage the expense of the 14-day compulsory isolate in inns, has been plainly settled.

It is significant that many individuals, who have encountered from the outset hand the administration being offered at our worldwide air terminal, have applauded the nation for the development and farsightedness in plain view at our air terminal. Let me guarantee you again that, as President of the Republic, I will make every effort to ensure you and stop the importation of the infection into our nation, or restrict and contain its spread. This is my serious promise to you.

Individual Ghanaians, on Friday, eighteenth September, 500 and 31 thousand, 600 and 74 (531,674) JHS 3 understudies finished the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). SHS 3 understudies likewise, on fifth September, composed the last paper of the West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE).

I am especially energized at this improvement on the grounds that, in spite of the feelings of trepidation and authentic uneasiness communicated by a few, and the reactions proffered by some in the political space, these understudies have gone to class, considered, sat and finished their assessments solid. Their forward walk in life has not been intruded. Furthermore, by the finesse of God, the forecasts made by some of far reaching diseases and even passings didn’t emerge.

I promised I will be the last individual to put the lives of understudies in danger, and I express my profound thankfulness to all guardians and watchmen for the trust rested in me and Government. I petition God for the achievement of the understudies in their tests.

As has just been declared, significant plans and strategic arrangements are being made for the re-visitation of school of second year Junior and Senior High School understudies. Proceeding with understudies in the University of Cape Coast, the University of Health and Allied Sciences, Technical Universities, and some different Colleges have gotten back to class, and I have been dependably educated that adherence to conventions is high. Long may it proceed.

On Monday, fourteenth September, I stretched out, by Executive Instrument, the required wearing of face veils by another three (3) months. Thus, until fourteenth December 2020, the wearing of veils stays compulsory, and the law authorization offices will be needed to guarantee this order is regarded by all. It has served us well in the battle against COVID-19, so I encourage all of us to wear our veils, and do so accurately whenever we leave our homes. It is the new ordinary prerequisite of our day by day presence until the infection vanishes.

Towards the reformist facilitating of limitations, Government has taken the choice to permit the resumption of preparing in all physical games, thinking about the unavoidable support of our public groups in global rivalries. In reality, some public groups have just been given the allotment to start preparing, in front of their global commitment. All games individuals, who are stayed outdoors, are to be tried normally.

Individual Ghanaians, regarding football, after due conferences with the Ghana Football Association, it has been concluded that the Ghana Premier League and the Division One Football League will restart on Friday, 30th October, with a full system of testing of the players, specialized and the executives staff. No observers will be permitted at the instructional hubs, and, when genuine rivalry resumes, seating at all stadia will be restricted to 25 percent (25%) ability to guarantee social removing. Wearing of veils by onlookers at stadia will be obligatory. The restart of all other brandishing rivalries will be resolved dependent upon the situation, forthcoming discussions between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the separate game affiliations.

Private internments, still, with a limit of (100) people, can keep on being