FlowKing Stone - Grammys

WWW.HYPERNATTY.COM FlowKing Stone - Grammys. The rapper I call the fastest rapper of Africa just dropped his song dubbed Grammys that talks about the currently trending issue regarding the Grammy Awards. Download and enjoy for yourself. FlowKing Stone, Chensee Beat, Grammys, Hypernatty, NB Records, Natty Bee, Ghana Music, Musiga, Ghambro, Ghana, Africa, USA, Worldwide

FlowKing Stone - Grammys
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One of the best rappers and to be precise the Fastest rapper Gh has, FlowKing Stone, who has been in the music industry consistently for long just released a track in regards to the currently rolling issues in Ghana concerning the Grammy Awards. Of late, we've heard and seen some bloggers and musicians tete-a-tete concerning the Grammys. FlowKing Stone just used his currently released song "Grammys" to address the issue and why Ghanaian artists are not really making it to the top. The song was produced by Chensee beats. He outlines some reasons in the song and also added how those issues could be solved to help move the Ghana music industry forward. In fact, bringing out such a well composed rap song in such a short time tells how prolific and versatile FlowKingStone is. He released the song together with its video. Check the audio and video out and analyze them yourself. Video link: https://youtu.be/iFZXXRZI20A

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