Despite Anas’ revelation, the court system in Ghana is still weak and corrupt

Despite Anas’ revelation, the court system in Ghana is still weak and corrupt
Despite Anas’ revelation, the court system in Ghana is still weak and corrupt

In November 2015, the under-spread operator, Anas’ presentation of powerless leaning and degenerate adjudicators shook the very establishment of the legal executive. Those adjudicators were embroiled in monstrous pay off. Anas, an acclaimed Ghanaian insightful writer, has consistently put his life on line and because of the danger he faces, he generally shrouds his face in a veil to camouflage himself.

At the point when Anas distributed his discoveries in a narrative film, seven High court judges were suspended and 22 appointed authorities of the lower court were additionally suspended. This defilement outrage is the greatest to hit Ghana’s legal executive. Did the adjudicators get the hang of anything or has this disgraceful experience assisted with improving decisions in Ghana’s courts?


The legal executive was hard hit when significant and notable adjudicators were suspended. Two years after the pay off embarrassment, the appointed authorities stealthily began to make trouble. Indeed, even straightforward cases could take between three to ten years.

Jonathan Wireko lived in his uncle’s home in Ghana. It was a two-celebrated structure. His uncle was a bank director at a bank in Monrovia. He got a US visa however had no cash to purchase a ticket. Since he had all the records of his uncle’s home, he sold the house and gave the purchaser copies of the reports and vowed to give them the receipt of installment and the first archives on the house. He gave them the keys to the house so they could move in.

Jonathan went to Accra, purchased his flight ticket, and left for the US. At the point when the genuine proprietor of the house who was in Liberia heard what his nephew had done, he raced to Ghana. Yet, the individuals who had purchased the house from the nephew denied him section. He prosecuted the issue. The case continued for quite a while and on a few events the case was either delayed or conceded. Delays came in light of the fact that either purposely or not, the bailiff sent the notice paper to an off-base attorney’s secretary as opposed to sending it to the respondent’s legal counselor to show up in court. Thus, the litigant’s legal advisor was missing.


The miserable thing was that the man needed to traipse among Accra and Monrovia. The case took two years. It was at last decided for the respondent, regardless of the way that the uncle indicated verification of possession with archives from the terrains office and his insurance agency.

He took the case further to the court of Appeal looking to upset the judgment of the lower court. The Appellant’s legal advisor contended that the lower court wouldn’t acknowledge the reports from lands division and the insurance agency since all records were shut well before the two archives were acquired and hence the records were planned out. After examinations by the claims court, it was inferred that the case was inappropriately settled. His property was reestablished to him.

I am speaking to Ghanaians abroad never to wrongly have an issue in a Ghanaian court since it is a finished exercise in futility.


It has become apparent that most adjudicators give decisions out of their own sentiments and sense to defraud as opposed to putting together decisions with respect to the standard of law. This unpredictable condemning has been a significant reason for stress and worry in Ghana.

A man went into a neighbor’s ranch and removed a lot of banana and chose to divert it. He was spotted by three men and they captured him and took him and the pack of banana to the police headquarters. The case was indicted. At the court the appointed authority asked him for what valid reason he did what he did. The man addressed that he was eager and required some food to eat. The appointed authority was blowing up. He asked the man for what valid reason he didn’t cull all things considered ten fingers of banana and leave the rest to hang there. Out of this wild sentiment of outrage he condemned the man to seven years in jail.

Two men, Saah Sunrise, long term old Ibrahim Musah, were captured in Tamale for not wearing nose veils. They were charged and bailed to show up under the watchful eye of court on July 3. They were condemned to 4 years in jail. Presently think about the accompanying: A previous NDC individual from parliament for Chiana-Paga in the Upper East Region, who likewise served as National facilitator for the outdated Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency (GYEEDA), Hon. Abuga Pele, was hit with six years in jail and Mr Assibit likewise got 12 years for cheating the legislature of ghs 4.1million under the affection that they would get 65 million dollars from the World bank. It ended up being bogus. Envision the sum in question and the sentences that were given? Is GHc4.1million equivalent to a taken bundle of banana?

Two Canadian ladies, Lauren and Bailey, were stole in Kumasi and taken to an obscure objective. This raised a great deal of worry in both Ghana and Canada. The security police contingent upon a tip off raged the house at Kenyase where the young ladies were tied in a room. The police safeguarded the young ladies and captured eight men in the house. It was reputed that the ring chief was a resolute individual from NPP. They were charged under the watchful eye of court and nothing was heard once more. They are strolling as free men.


A great deal of commotion was made about the NDC Chairman’s sound break which spelt out numerous passings, kidnappings and numerous lamentable things which the NDC planned to use to ruin the decision government. The Chairman was hauled to court just a single time and up till today, nothing concrete has been done about the situation.

Without a doubt there are numerous issues and legal disputes which have put the legal executive to test. Cases that will take fourteen days in Europe will take three to five years in Ghana’s courts. Ghanaians abroad are burdened in light of the fact that nobody can exit his position for a year to battle a case in Ghana.

The spouse of a Ghanaian in Switzerland changed the archives on the processing plant into her name. The case continued for over three years. The man lost his employment and since the woman had offered an immense incentive to the attorney there was no chance the case planned to end soon. Toward the finish of three and a half years, the man chose not to battle the case any longer. On the off chance that the appointed authority wanted to give the production line to the lady, he ought to do as such. Simply keep a watch out what will occur, he told the court and left the room, leaving his attorney extremely flabbergasted. Inside about fourteen days, the adjudicator passed on, trailed by his wive’s legal counselor. His significant other turned into a handicapped person. She turned out to be well when she gave the records back to the man. Without a doubt equity postponed is equity denied.