An open letter to Akans in and outside Ghana

An open letter to Akans in and outside Ghana
An open letter to Akans in and outside Ghana

Hello individual Ghanaians, I wish to impart an issue of grave significance to you.

Before I start, let me present myself. I’m Nathaniel Acolatse and hail from the Royal Acolatse Family of Kedzi and the Royal Dzakpasu Dzokoto Family of Anyako Paternally however Maternally the Kuada Family of Kpando Aziavi and The Amponi Family of Wusuta; all in the Volta Region.

By this concise presentation unmistakably God brought me into this world as Ewe – half Anlo and half Wedome, that is not a misstep.

The issue is this: For as long as 63 or more years, my Cultural Identify has been harmed seriously. This scratching of my Cultural Identify arrived at its horrendous peak on Saturday the fifth of September, 2020.

On this unwavering day, a 70-year-old resigned instructor with phone number 0208812988 and an inhabitant of Abease visited my counseling room in Ga West Municipal Hospital to look for medical care.

Our discussion was smooth while I was clerking until I got to Social History. At the point when I understood that he could communicate in English, I pleasantly stated: “dad since you can communicate in English, why not talk legitimately with me to keep away from the time we are squandering on interpretation so as to diminish the holding up season of your other associate patients who are holding up in the line to come in as well”.

For making this recommendation, this apparently instructed man bludgeoned me with the accompanying entries;

1.You kraaa where are you from that you don’t comprehend Twi?

2.Twi is our public language in Ghana.

3.Everybody in Ghana comprehend twi.

Since I was unable to endure this bogus observation that has been given over to Akans by their progenitors which some current living Akans are utilizing to peer down on we Ewes, I chose to class this elderly person who is somewhat expected to instruct our public suitably however has misinformed every one of his crowds while in dynamic help as an instructor.

These were my words to him “I can’t tolerate it any more extended dad. Every one of the 46 communicated in dialects and 9 composed dialects in Ghana are equivalent and significant.

I demand that you reserve no privilege to compel your language down my throat. I communicate in 3 Ghanaian dialects; Ewe, Ga and Dagbani. I wouldn’t fret on the off chance that you solicit me to talk any from these to you consequently on the off chance that you need me to go nearby however certainly not driving your language which I don’t talk on me.

Unfortunately that the inquiry you simply posed to me is a dumb one. Not you personally but rather the inquiry is an absurd one” Immediately her girl came in to face me saying I’m tribalistic which is another bogus discernment.

Since there’s no single ewe man or lady overall who have constrained an Akan to talk ewe, no single ewe can be marked as an ancestral dogmatist. A great deal of Akans, notwithstanding, have constrained ewes to communicate in their language, their language as well, their language and once you demand your right, they consider you an ancestral dogmatist. Is this not an instance of “kukw3 ni k33 ka hendi” a famous Ga precept meaning the person acts really hypocritical?

While the connection was continuous, a partner of mine mentioned I hand over the customer to her to go to yet I demanded I will take care of him and the patient himself can affirm that I accomplished my work so expertly notwithstanding all the abuse he raised at me.

For as far back as 63 or more years I as an Ewe have had my social personality offended each second, minute, day, week, fortnight, month, year and more than sixty years by Akans as it were.

One of the various mental torments I got from Akans in 2004. I was to oversee chemotherapy to six patients. After the overall wellbeing instruction to all, I typically give explicit training to every patient dependent on the cytotoxic(s) to be controlled due to the extreme idea of the treatment. I moved toward the principal patient to direct her before I start. I as regular talked in Ga since Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital is in the Greater Accra Region.

I said to the lady “Mame ofaan3 tsofaani obahe3….” signifying “madam please the medication you will be receiving…..” and before I could land, this patient yelled at me and said “minti saaa kasano” signifying “I don’t comprehend that language”. So snide.

I changed to ewe since that is my mom/father tongue. I said “dada medekuku adzike yaa h)genalaa….” She yelled at me again before I could complete and said “kasa bei nunu” signifying “what sort of a language is that?


I further changed to English since ENGLISH is Ghana’s conventional language and it was the last I saw at that point.

I said “madam please you’ll be getting a medication called Taxotere…..” yet as normal she shut me down and wryly said “jai wubr)fo sem n3ka twi w)h)” signifying “stop your English issue and talk twi over yonder”.

Since time was flying I moved towards the second through to the 6th patient and soon I had wrapped up each of the five, pre-cured every one of the five and principle treatment of CAF, Methotrexate, Epirubicin and Taxol organization of each of the five had started. The primary patient who didn’t permit me to begin her treatment proceeded “Hello! Wumba beyen mami?” signifying “Hello! Won’t you come and do it for me?”

The inquiry is by what method can a cytotoxic medication be managed without guiding? She hurried out to report me to my supervisor who came in with her.


My manager indignantly tended to me as follows; “Hello Nat! At the point when will you stop this your tribalism” I addressed obligingly by saying “I’m overseeing treatment to 5 patients now, none of them is my clan mate. They are altogether Akans. Who’s the ancestral extremist? Obviously you!” I languished beyond a reasonable doubt over talking this reality and battling for my right.

Again one of the many enduring I experienced in the possession of Akans in 2012 is as per the following. A speaker by name teacher danso went to the class of Master of Public Health – Health Services Planning and Mgt, Community Health Department, School of Medical Sciences-KNUST. In the wake of speaking Twi for some time I lifted my hand to incite him that there are individuals in this current ace’s class who don’t comprehend Twi.

For talking this fact, an alleged instructed woman by the name Dr. Konadu who’s a schoolmate thrashed me by saying “you like grumbling excessively! Why not comprehend Twi? Is it true that you are not a Ghanaian?”

I endured the results of talking reality and directing this academician who should know better that the college is a proper organization.

There are times Akans unhesitatingly address us as follows with no dread since they have the sponsorship of the people pulling the strings;

1.”na ayigbe kasa su y3 kasa? Which means is the ewe language likewise a language?

2.”ayigbe fu) y3 mua” which means ewes are creatures

3.”saa wukunu ayigbe ninu” implying that your ewe spouse

4.”saa wuyiri ayigbe ninu” implying that your ewe spouse


5.”Ghana y3 y3ndia” which means Ghana has a place with us”

6″wuy3 Togo ni” which means you are a Togolese

7.”ewes don’t have the right to be treated as Ghanaians”

8.”all voltarians are outsiders”

9″we will lessen Volta Region to a slave locale”

10.”ayigbe fu) su y3 nipa?” Meaning are ewes too people?

With all these and others I trust you comprehend the explanation for my 05/09/2020 encounter with that Akan man who deluded a whole populace of Ghana while in dynamic assistance by instructing that an Akan compelling different clans to bow down to theirs is alright and not tribalistic.

A significant ewe precept has it that “the expressions of a silver hair is more extravagant than silver and gold” By experience, I wish to include that “Don’t consult all elderly folks individuals on the grounds that not all stupid individuals kick the bucket youthful”

  • For how long will I stomach these without detonating?

  • Don’t you figure this bogus matchless quality of Akans will prompt all different clans splitting endlessly bit by bit leaving them to lead and bamboozle themselves?

  • Where at that point will that magnificence of social assorted variety be found among you after all have split away?

  • I modestly appeal to Akans who GENUINELY have confidence in social decent variety to emerge and battle monoculture convictions else you will one day carry my stone to me.