50% of Ghana’s most ‘important’ men

50% of Ghana’s most ‘important’ men
50% of Ghana’s most ‘important’ men

At the point when you see a man emerging from a woman’s room in the early evening and he is holding a large portion of a container of water in his correct hand and he is pouring the water to his left side fingers with the water, if you don’t mind don’t hesitate to make determinations wae.

It just could be what your psyche is letting you know. Try not to accept whatever else. He was most likely so ‘close’ however time didn’t allow him and he’d needed to surrender the ‘venture’, halfway! Laayialooo! Hahaaaaa!

If it’s not too much trouble hold your breath o. On the off chance that you realize you have an issue, don’t go requesting to wed a lady who is acceptable in bed. You will have more issue. They state half of men are weak. wahala dey! Could this be valid?

Those of us after age 40 have begun some self-assessment to be certain we are fine thank you and you! The technique we use is like what we would when we like to be certain our mouth isn’t smelling by first securing our clench hands into a clench hand pot to get the breath, smell it on the peaceful and afterward continue. Mormorni mouth no panic you previously. Proceed!

I disrespected myself as of late when the outskirts were opened for my relative little girl to get back from her isolate. I missed her so much and… .hahaaaa! Halfway through the ‘distin’, I went ‘half grip’. Astounded at what was occurring and gasping vigorously, I begged her and posing her inquiries that don’t concern me in any capacity.

For instance, who was the main individual to eat gari and beans with seared red plantain in Ghana? These in the offer to purchase time. Exactly when I was tied in with recapturing ‘awareness’, she was talking and before I knew it, the ‘thing’ dropped again as it ‘bowed down’, incited. You know now you need to mentally and intellectually position yourself so as to not drop.

The smallest interruption can cause a ‘ruin’ once more. Disregard school expenses in January or probably you may think and the reasoning will bring down your ‘GPA’ and afterward grrrrrr! Here, on the off chance that you can’t ‘enter’, she will spruce up, laugh in disappointment and proceed to shower. You need to supplicate… ask… . implore… . e go better! Ei! I never comprehended this erectile this thing till at this age! To be sure who no develop, go develop.

In any case, hold up o. Weakness is unique in relation to erectile brokenness however utilized conversely now and again. We should not blend the two as though blending Viaggra with aggrada sharp flavoring. Every one has a ‘reason’ and can be extremely discouraging when joined.

Though the term ‘feebleness’ depicts the issues that meddle with sex [among wedded people] and the conceivable failure to impregnate, erectile brokenness is more explicit to a man’s powerlessness to accomplish or keep up an erection. Finish!

It’s a genuine ‘inborn pandemic’ that accompanies age, way of life and maltreatment of regular over the counter prescriptions, as I would like to think. An excess of meat and sugar along with absence of practicing are a portion of the suspects. Abeg, when you know your concern and you are doing the thing and you get the smallest possibility, simply pour that thing, wear your pants and disappear; it’s more elevating like that than to state you need to dazzle just to lose the solidarity to proceed and not come kraaaa.

It couldn’t be any more obvious, simply do ‘pampampam’ and afterward ‘piaaaa’ and return home and rest! Weytin concern me with under 2 minutes when 3 minutes can bomb me in entirety! Recall you are not, at this point 25 years!

At the point when the story was distributed on ghanaweb a couple of days back, I could see the reality with which men on board trotros were truly perusing the story and passed no remark. ‘I know myself’ sort of reality inside men. No talking. Simply accept that in fact half of men are feeble down there and that you are not one of them. Simply imagine and you will be fine. Discipline and don’t lose trust. Try not to stress over it; all things considered, stressing won’t transform anything. Korr! Ok!

In the event that you arrive at a specific age and need to sing pointless melodies just to purchase time in satisfying your significant other, you will comprehend me better. Posing pointless inquiries, for example, ‘did Kwame Nkrumah wear face veil?’ abeg, it’s not your concern. Feel free to carry out your home intimate responsibilities, man. Try not to attempt natural aphrodisiacs, creations o; you will lament. Those things extinguish fire over the long haul.

When the ‘thing’ is abused and you will not practice and don’t eat well, what do you anticipate? Na im make half of men win grants. Remain calm and rest! You are in good company, Bra! We plenteyyyy!

Would you be able to even now call your eyi ‘private parts’ again in the event that you have utilized it on more than one lady? Is it not ‘public parts’? It’s Friday and I fulfill roff bcos I go alcohol water again from Friday into Saturday and on Sunday I will proceed to implore kill every one of my wrongdoings. So be it!

Is it false that anyone who neglects to wear a protective cap before riding an engine bicycle or won’t utilize his safety belt when driving, is 100% liable to have intercourse in an unprotected way? Consider it. Me I have said my own and won’t consider it koraa once more. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do about individuals again before we make the best decision.

Face veils have caused it workable for us to stay silent to however individuals are as yet talking.

A few people as well? Haaba! The most irritating one is the point at which you go to a cleave bar to eat and that youthful person trusting that his turn will be served continues talking discussing ‘Man You’.

Regularly he would even eliminate the face cover and be conversing with some superfluous ‘showers of gift’ originating from his unmerited mouth regurgitating conceivable infections. Some as well, the face veil will be there they actually figure out how to ‘get through’ with talking.

A few people are underestimating the face cover thing paa o. In the event that solitary utilized face covers are exposed to some research facility tests to perceive the amount of the infection had been picked during the day and appeared on TV er, I am certain numerous individuals will sit up. , Agyei, if it’s not too much trouble stay silent in the event that you are not utilizing the face cover! Wheezing at the chopbar by ‘cap! How?

The story was recounted a person who thought he was brilliant enough not to wear cap since God was his defender. He was captured by the police at Nima intersection. While being exhorted by a cop another rider passing by with cap on was halted by the cop. The goal was to utilize him as a genuine case of what the correct thing was.

The Officer took the protective cap and by outline: ‘Check whether you are wearing a cap, you would be spared on the off chance that you hit your head on the ground this way… and afterward he dropped the cap.’ It broke into pieces that exact instant; it was a calabash painted dark! Dasorrrrr!

Who do you think you are misleading, Bedu? Go on, have unprotected sex covertly. Two things – an undesirable pregnancy which may not be yours turns into yours or ‘HIV’.

Interestingly, when you as an individual kicks the bucket because of lack of regard, you don’t lose anything besides the individuals who rely upon you for endurance! Proceed, drive without protective cap oo sorry without safety belt and when the awful occurs, don’t call me again in light of the fact that I let you know oo, yooo!

On the off chance that you are essential for the half, at that point you are ‘significant’ in the plan of things.

Much obliged to you for not perusing this theoretical and recall there is no measure of water from land that the ocean can’t oblige! Issue no dey finish! Try not to consider it; simply swim! My Brother, e hard o; no! E no ‘hard’; it’s ‘delicate’! Hahaaa!