4Mula - Agole (Dance)

WWW.HYPERNATTY.COM 4Mula - Agole (Dance). One guy you would for sure love his rap style is 4Mula one. He’s lyrically good and has all the punchlines. He drops this tune dubbed Agole which means dance. Enjoy and please feel free to share. 4Mula, SlyBeat, Agole, Hypernatty, Dj SIlva, Nzema Music, Ghana, Western Region, Musiga.

4Mula - Agole (Dance)
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4Mula thrilled his old and new fans with this jamming and danceable tune titled Agole, which means dance. We don’t have to be told, the title of the song talks for it. Agole is a track that will quickly put you on your feet to dance even if you are not in the mood. Production credit if Agole goes to SlyBeat. Follow 4Mula on all social media platforms for updates and new releases.